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Food Photography in Delhi by Krishnendu Chatterjee


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Photographers are made of people who have a vision and a dream of best Photo for amazing locations like tours places in delhi, india and all worlds. While this artistic side is self-expressive and enduring, it can also be a path to a professional career field to Food Photography in Delhi, India. Traditionally food was showcased in fine china or neatly laid out in a decorated table.

Now the photographer's best friends apart from his krishnendu chattrjee and assistants are the photography comprising of the art director, the food stylist, and prop stylist. Yes, armed with this creative crew and a few trade secrets, he can make a splash in commercial culinary photography scene.
Now, let us get into the basics of how to shoot food effectively that leave the consumers craving for more. Even bloggers and chefs can add such delectable pictures to their text and get others readers to understand the nuances of what they eat.

Food photographs best in white light. So LEDs, soft boxes, lunchrooms are ideal for this setup. Natural light with a diffuser is great but again timing of day and location can affect it. Kitchen tungsten lights make it yellow or orange and evening light makes it blue for Food Photography in Delhi, India. Midday sunlight is the best white.

However, that does not mean you can shoot only mid-day, whatever the condition you can white-balance the same. As per the lighting, you can set the exposure compensation. This will help you make your picture darker (if there is bleaching) or brighter (if it’s dull and gloomy).

Arrangement of Food Photography in Delhi, India, whether on a plate, a bowl or the kitchen deck is important. Do not crowd the space with too many extra elements like flowers or forks or napkins or champagne flutes. The balance should be pleasing to the eyes can be placed in secondary positions in an out of focus foreground or background as per composition. Attention to detail is a must. There should be a balance in the food shot - the colors, shapes, and textures.

One should also apply the concept of leading line and rule of thirds. One can enhance the shot even by using non-food items for a rich look. For example, shaving cream for swirls of edible cream and manufactured steam for piping hot meals.

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